Sci-fi thriller set in China, on the island of Hainan, a local destination for mass tourism, described realistically with current social, cultural and economic references.

Once passed the first chapter, which is partially introspective, the action, always present and growing, will lead to a physical clash between the two principal human protagonists and the two extra-terrestrials. Ivan and Bing Bing try to solve a mystery related to the remains of dead animals and some exceptional luminous phenomena, taking us to the discovery of the corpses inside the hotel in Sanya where they work, and the final confrontation…

The narrative method is first person, varying in perspective with the various principal characters that alternate from chapter to chapter. In chapters with cardinal numbers we see from the point of view of Ivan, a young man just hired by a luxury hotel; in chapters with Roman numbers, the protagonist is an alien; and finally, in a single chapter and as an exception, we see from the point of view of Ivan’s lover, Bing Bing, a Chinese girl employed in the same hotel. Through this narrative style, the reader is able to perceive the intellectual and cultural differences of such diverse beings: an extra-terrestrial, a European man, and an Asian woman.

In addition to the innovative technological details, the penetrating vision of the alien shows how limited the Earthlings are, with their misunderstandings and racism, their contrasts and inefficiencies, these being none other than the ”walls” alluded to in the title.


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