Glorian Ray, author, born against the tide during the ‘Technological Dark Ages’

  • With my writing, I not only try to entertain with an original, always realistic vision using innovative technological ideas, but also offer a critique of today’s humanity, one I have come to know deeply, not as a fleeting tourist. Criticism and analysis can improve all things I believe, as without such an approach society cannot evolve. -Glorian-

  • The search for excellence and advancement is typical of a true intellect. Sadly, everything that is perceived as being best, beautiful and of value is extremely rare, since it results from a rational selection from among what nature and humanity consist of, namely, masses of insignificant beings and objects.” -Glorian-

  • ”Dedicated to all animals, who, unlike men, do not try their hand at things they must then regret.” -From the novel SHOOT’EM UP! The Craziest Game in the World

  • However, over time, I too got used to looking at these “oriental subtleties”, such as the proportion of the body, the shape of the fine and tapered legs, or the narrow and perfectly flat waistline. I was becoming more sophisticated and complex in my advanced state of adaptation and evolution on Asian soil. -Ivan, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • I understood only that men are very fragile beings, both inside and out.-From the novel A MAN: INVISIBLE-

  • In short, they would have to spend the morning in a chaotic and polluted city to take part in the exhibition, entitled “artificial intelligence as a substitute for the deficient human intellect -From the novel SHOOT’EM UP! The Craziest Game in the World-

  • I knew that on the weekend my parents were going on vacation to some African islands. Their large house was empty, and I knew that they would, as always, activate the various alarm systems while they were away. The time had come to test myself under invisibility, my movements, my fears, the dangers of going about in the dark, and, above all, the true reliability of that material. -From the novel A MAN: INVISIBLE-

  • By exploiting a human-made wall, we could defend one flank from possible attacks. The other flank was made invisible by the technological system given to us recently. No terrestrial being could ever see us, but we knew very well that some of their animals had a powerful sense of smell. Against this sensory ability our little vials were not of much use, and in any case, they were not properly tested. -The alien, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • The sun was in the early morning sky. A few beautiful Indian swallows were performing acrobatics over the dusty roof of the German caravan. A deluge of dragonflies and assorted insects stormed the front windows, and some temporarily blinded the Italian driver when he pulled out.” -From the novel SHOOT’EM UP! The Craziest Game in the World-

  • I was trying to take off my tight fitting glasses so that I could at least see my fearful look again. I did it two or three times before leaving home. I also remembered to test my body sounds, but I knew that invisibility would neither cancel my body weight nor mute the natural sounds it might make. -From the novel A MAN: INVISIBLE-

  • Finally, a vehicle that exploited energy “external” to itself and not simply that which it generated. These were not the primitive combustion and reaction systems still in use by Earthlings and other underdeveloped beings. As with all intellectually superior solutions, the concept on which its movement was based was simple. The mechanism driving its rotation that generated the electromagnetic forces was complex: this was the so-called “internal” energy. In simple terms, it could be said that the spaceship acts like a high-speed spinning top, first in its uniform and rotary motion, and then, once the spin around the axis is stabilized, and by means of a simple lateral push capable of converging all its forces, it is accelerated along the directional vector calculated by the computers. The smart, innovative idea was to exploit the attractive force between the vehicle body and the giant electromagnetic fields of the stars and other celestial bodies. A force of attraction governed by us through complex calculations in reference to the orbits and variations in gravitational bonds between all the bodies in the surrounding space. Basically, it is a partially inertial and ”knowledgeable” engine; it is only thanks to the most complete knowledge of the motions and phenomena of the whole cosmos that we have managed to lay an imaginary towing cable between the celestial bodies and our miniscule spaceships. Terrestrial beings, even granting they could arrive at the pinnacle of understanding galactic motions, could never build such a vehicle, as they lack suitable materials to withstand these extreme speeds.” -The alien, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • When a beautiful girl dressed as Poison Ivy passed by, Gunter, well hidden atop a shack near the path going through the park, threw down a rope that ran over a fixed pulley and was able to pull her up using his weight and then gag her. Alas, it was the fat German who fell through the fragile roof of the shack, ending up in the salad bowl that eight brothers from a poor family were eating. Shortly afterwards, an angry Ivy came, still tethered round the neck, who slapped the unfortunate ‘magician’ until he could get away from her” -From the novel SHOOT’EM UP! The Craziest Game in the World-


  • My meetings were fleeting and very basic in content, yet also very clear and direct. I was beginning to understand quite well what those aliens intended to do to evolve mankind culturally and not simply technologically. The Earthlings were overwhelmed by the technology, and as with everything else were slipping behind on the ideas and standards of their studies. A noticeable deterioration was taking place that was ‘barbarizing’ them in comparison to the previous century and its intellectual progress. -From the novel A MAN: INVISIBLE-

  • The little ball was getting nearer, since I had stopped, and was compelled to stop, so as to see what it was actually doing. It rolled at a moderate pace and the sounds and flashes it made put me in mind of a bomb. That object was following me! As if it had been remote controlled, or as if it had its own intelligence! Never in my life had I felt such terror. -Ivan, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • The friars got up abruptly, blurting: “But dear girl, what the hell!” With the addition of a few vulgarities and the gradual elevation in aggressiveness, everyone went from the table to throw the daredevils out. Emma could only partly shield herself with difficulty, while the others shielded her from behind as they got kicked by the friars and blacks. A few corn cobs and eggs landed as well. Once past the outer gate, no one tried to thump his ‘fellow being’ ” -From the novel SHOOT’EM UP! The Craziest Game in the World-

  • It was one of the few occasions that at first glance something impressed me so strongly. There were the villas below, on the flowered terraces that descended to the swimming pool area, located on the seashore, with its sparkling blue; on the side, two or three hills, full of green trees, without buildings; the Sun was just passing through the small round peaks, creating a particular reflection of orange light, which gradually dyed the water with a different, surreal shade. It was truly an amazing place! The best of the best, in Hainan, at least in my experience as a regular traveller. -Ivan, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • All terrestrial living forms consisted of carbon molecules, though on some planets close to us, we also knew of intelligent beings composed of light. The chemistry that maintained their metabolism was similar to that of fire, though no combustion was involved. They were able to capture light and feed on it and even incorporate it to increase their mass. Their elemental chemical processes had also developed a data analysis capacity and a psyche. Their consciousness as thinking beings detached from their surroundings was generated rapidly after the first individuals were born with a cluster of molecules reserved solely for intellectual functions, which in the first stage of evolution took the form of simple temperature and touch sensors, similar to those of our space exploration equipment attached to the suits we currently in use.” -The alien, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • Indeed, during a pleasant camp fire evening, a debate was struck up concerning the ongoing wars between western crusaders and their Islamist enemies, in which, for the rest of the trip, nothing was established as to what, exactly, ISIS was. Aside from that crazy Emma who claimed it was an ‘international’ group of armed Muslims, Gunter considered it a world organization for intellectual property (the ones he himself lacked), while Piero placed it in the English football league.” – From the novel SHOOT’EM UP! The Craziest Game in the World.

  • We were smiling, tired, clouded by the most visceral senses, gracefully giddy. And our eyes continued to interpenetrate. When one of her hands rose towards me, my hand took hers, intertwining each of my fingers with hers. My thumb began to slide over her index finger and then moved to the middle finger. Then letting go, our hands turned round, changing the sense of direction; my little finger with the ring hooked hers, unravelling like the abdomens of two dragonflies in love. It was beautiful. All the way to the last drop, till the moment when our hungry mouths enveloped those fingers, one by one, each one of the other. She gave a slight chuckle, which made us recompose ourselves, and I heard her familiar voice again, in all seriousness: “You love me…”

And then me: “Because you allow me to love you.”

“You love me.”

“We know love.

”We became silent again for a few moments, while a lonely tear from one of Bing Bing’s eyes slid down very slowly. I didn’t allow myself to ask what it meant. I left it alone, not wanting to embarrass her. She turned round half away, to stop me from seeing that orphan drop of water. But this was not the case, and I knew. I respected her greatly, for a thousand reasons. Our natural and sensual harmony made those differences of nationality and education disappear.” -Ivan, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-

  • The latter concept gives us the measure of human intellectual inferiority. They, in order to achieve convenience and rapidity, as in quantity and not quality, jeopardize their own integrity and that of the natural environment in which they live. They devastate their forests, pollute their air and soil, harming human health only in order to save time on what they could have done adequately several centuries earlier, even though a little slower. The time gain is the only result that has benefits, but the potential risks poured both on them and nature are forever increasing and lead to their own disappearance. It is one of those alien races so poorly endowed with brains that it will self-destruct by itself, due to its own mistakes: how much worse exists in the competition of thinking beings. Humans belong to a category slightly higher than animals but inferior to species that truly understand the environment and themselves, and thus avoid courting extinction. Everything they do has a numerous negative consequences, far outstripping those that are favourable. Despite this, they carry on, in the vain hope of finding a solution in the future. This limited logic and their strong and irrational feelings lead them to think optimistically. In their thinking hope is a yearning, a sensation, not a verifiable factor. What humans lack is time. Since their cerebral development is particularly slow, the harm they cause themselves due to their mistakes will turn out fatal before they ever manage to understand everything needed for an efficient, secure, and fulfilling life” -The alien, from the novel WALLS OF THE EXTREME BORDER-



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